BJP-Sikkim condemns Binay Tamang’s allegations and threats

Gangtok, 30 Jan:

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Sikkim unit has strongly criticized and condemned the recent statement of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha-2 leader, Binay Tamang, against two BJP leaders of Sikkim. Mr Tamang, in a public address delivered on 28 Jan, had railed against “two BJP leaders,” alleging that they were camped in Darjeeling and interfering in local politics there.

BJP-Sikkim has countered that the GJM-2 leader was targeting Sikkim leaders to “save” his own political existence.

A BJP press release issued by the BJP-Sikkim president, DB Chauhan, states that it has not sent any leader to Darjeeling [for the extension of BJP organization, as alleged] and that if anyone was in Darjeeling, it must be for personal work.

Mr Chauhan adds that local BJP leaders of Darjeeling were capable of handling affairs there and have proven their worth at every election.

“BJP Sikkim strongly condemns the undemocratic and threatening language used by Binay Tamang and he will be held responsible in case any harm comes to the two BJP leaders from Sikkim he has targeted in his speech,” the release adds.

The release further states that India was a democratic nation and its citizens were free to travel wherever they wished without having to take the permission of local leaders and that Sikkim and Darjeeling have enjoyed a friendly relationship hence movement of people between these two regions was normal.

BJP Sikkim has warned Mr Tamang not try and vitiate the peaceful relations.

“We do politics in Sikkim and have no intensions of interfering in Darjeeling politics so we strongly condemn all allegations leveled on BJP-Sikkim by Binay Tamang,” the release reiterates.