SACAA unloads criticism on SKM president’s foundation day address Group sees SKM Govt going the SDF

GANGTOK, 05 Feb:

Sikkim Against Citizenship Amendment Act [SACAA] has criticized the address of Sikkim KrantikariMorcha president and Chief Minister, PS Tamang during the 8th foundation day celebration of SKM held at Rangpo on 04 Feb.

Addressing a press conference here today, SACAA member, Passang Sherpa alleged that MrTamang’sspeech was an attempt to hide the mistakes of his government in these 8 months. He stated that despite repeated protests on the appointment of Prof Mahendra P Lama as the Chief Economic Advisor, the CM defended him instead of removing him immediately.

It was during Prof Lama’s tenure as economic advisor to the state from 2002 to 2009 under the previous government, that hydel projects and pharma companies were brought into the State without proper studies.

“Now these hydel projects and pharma companies have become a headache for the State government and the people of the State are only getting temporary jobs in insignificant posts,” he said.

On appointment of retired CBI officers for Vigilance Police, Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee president, Bharat Basnet, said that the State does not need any retired CBI officials as the people have voted for SKM in the hope that the party would allow CBI to investigate corruption in Sikkim.

“In 25 years of SDF government, PS Tamang had also served as a Minister for 15 years so he does not want to bring the CBI as he may also be involved in corruption,” he alleged.

Mr Sherpa criticized the CM’s statement that former SPs and DSPs are being appointed on contractual basis for the Vigilance Police in order to punish the corrupt.

“It is an attempt of the SKM to renege on its promise to bring the CBI into the State by bringing in retired CBI officials in the State,” he said.

He also questioned the appointment of Sunil Saraogi as OSD to CM stating that the Managing Director of a Kolkata-based company would not work without expecting any profit.

On the same, MrBasnet stated that the Resident Commissioner at Delhi is competent to pursue the State’s issues at the Centre and there is no need to appoint an OSD.

On the statement of the CM on service extension, Mr Sherpa stated that service extension and reemployment are the same thing and the government should immediately remove all officials who have been given service extension and reemployment.

While criticizing the statement of the CM on the CAA, he stated that the State government should immediately pass a resolution in the Assembly against CAA and extend Inner Line Permit in the entire state.

Further, Mr Sherpa has asked the State Government to clear its stand on the Companies Act which has not been extended to Sikkim yet.

Stating that, in her budget speech, the Union Finance Minister, NirmalaSitharamanmentioned tax holiday for young entrepreneurs of the country, Mr Sherpa said that without the Companies Act, the youth of Sikkim will not be able to take advantage of this benefit.

He added that the Union Finance Minister has also mentioned that income tax exemption to Sikkim was for a certain period only. On the same, he questioned the silence of the State government on the matter.

Another SACAA member, Nawin KiranPradhanalleged that the State government has been trying to mislead people and iscasting doubt on the competency of Sikkim Vigilance Police. While criticizing the CM statement on the service extension and reemployment, MrPradhan alleged that SKM government is repeating what the earlier government did.

SACAA member, YehangTshongbrought up the Limboo-TamangAssembly seat reservation issue and said that the SKM government should call a meeting of all stakeholders to resolve the issue.

Likewise, another member, Sonam Sherpa alleged that the CM is not talking about programme and policy for youths but is only usingthe youth as party flag carriers like the SDF government.