Not a pretty picture – the community hall at Gyalshing

Gyalshing, 13 Feb:

The Community Hall here, opened with much fanfare barely two decades back, wallows in derelict condition now, awaiting much needed repairs since maintenance has been ignored for far too many years.

The facility, which houses a hall and also the public library, is a much-used venue for official functions and community events. Unfortunately, even as the community hall was put to good, some might say even excessive, use, not enough attention was paid to upkeep.

As a result, the building wears a broken down look with missing window panes and damaged chairs.

The roof leaks, and this has not only damaged the walls and even electrical fitments, but is now defacing paintings by famous artists put up in the community hall.

And even as the roof leaks, the taps don’t receive enough water and nowhere is this more telling than in the filth of the toilets.

The fountain, constructed near the centre as part of an ambitious bazar beautification project, has not worked in a while and is now a stagnant pool of water perfect to breed mosquitoes.