Cong points out nCoV danger of pharma employees travelling in buses

Gangtok, 27 Mar:

Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee [SPCC] has asserted that the operation of private companies during the lockdown period has proved risky and irresponsible.

The party states that transportation of employees in buses was in direct violation of social distancing norms directed by the Central and the State governments.

On the same, the party has demanded that the State government to immediately stop the operation of pharma companies in the State.

An SPCC press release issued by its general secretary, Sumitra Rai, mentions that all State governments have been following the announcement of the Prime Minister on 24 March to lockdown the country to maintain social distancing.

The release adds that despite the State government’s announcement of lockdown, several pharma companies in the State have been operating openly and buses being used as transportation for company employees.

While strongly condemning such practice, the party has urged the government to take appropriate action in the interest of the people by taking note of such “careless practices.” The party has further urged the government to direct these companies to give salaries to their employees for the lockdown period.