UD&HD Minister urges migrant laborers not to flee, assures relief package

March 30, 2020

Gangtok, 29 Mar:

UD&HD Minister Arun Uprety today appealed to all Sikkimese, especially the labourers and working class, to remain calm and patient at this juncture and not give in to the urge to flee. He made this appeal in light of increasing reports of migrant labourers leaving the State, mostly on foot like elsewhere in the country, worried by the situation created for them by the lockdown due to which they are out of a job overnight and lack the safety net that many others enjoy.

The Minister assured that the State Government will extend all required assistance to keep them provided-for for the duration of the lockdown. It may also be mentioned here that the Centre today directed state governments to seal their borders even down to the district level to discourage such exodus and take care of the labourers stranded away from home.

The Minister also appealed to the people to not to venture out unless absolutely necessary and reiterated that migrant labourers have faith in the Sikkim Government and not flee in panic.

He also called on them to get in touch with their nearest councilor [for those residing in urban areas] or the police so that relief packages can be reached to them.

Aid and relief will be reached without discrimination, he assured.

He also informed that the State Government was preparing a list of labourers and working class people in Sikkim and assured that from Monday onwards, relief packages will be reached to them.

He also expressed gratitude towards the frontline health workers, Municipal Corporation and police personnel for their service.

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