As lockdown forces liquor shops to shut, NGO to help those suffering withdrawal

April 6, 2020

Gyalshing, 04 Apr:

Mukti Recovery Group (MRG), a social organization formed by recovering users, has decided to work for the welfare of the people of West district who are suffering from alcohol addiction. Due to the nationwide lockdown, liquor shops have not been allowed to remain open. During such a time, those addicted to alcohol will be suffering from withdrawal symptoms and the organization has decided to help such people.

Santosh Sharma, president of Mukti Recovery Group informed that there are reports of people experiencing withdrawal and harming themselves. The organisation will provide medical assistance and counselling to the people suffering from different kinds of withdrawal symptoms, he said.

"Our foundation will work in coordination with the district health department to help people fight problems caused due to alcoholism. We will also bear the cost of patients' transportation to the hospital. Anybody from any part of West Sikkim can contact us," Mr Sharma said.

Another member of the group talked about the kinds of withdrawal symptoms and measures to control harmful withdrawal symptoms. He shared that a mild withdrawal symptom when someone gives up alcohol include shaky hands, anxiety, headache, Nausea, vomiting and insomnia while serious withdrawal symptoms amongst alcoholics range from hallucinations and seizures which may push the victim to take harmful steps.

He maintained that  patients suffering from withdrawal symptoms need peaceful surroundings and support of close friends and family members to overcome the symptoms.

"Our objective is to provide necessary help to people who may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to the ongoing lockdown. The family members and friends of the victims who are dealing with harmful withdrawal symptoms should not shy away from reporting about the patients. Inform us and we will be at the patients doorstep," he said.

Any persons needing necessary help may contact the members of MRG on 9593780276, 7076084190, 8145009505.

Meanwhile, Excise department officials today inspected liquors shops of Gyalshing and directed shop owners to keep liquor shops completely shut during the lockdown and warned that strong action would be initiated against liquor shop owners who were found flouting the prohibitory orders.

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