HSP wants Govt to improve relief delivery

April 6, 2020

Gangtok, 05 Apr:

Hamro Sikkim Party has demanded that the State Government refine its efforts in reaching relief to Sikkimese affected by the lockdown not only in the State but also outside.

An HSP press release issued today by the party’s spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari, claims that the party has been receiving messages from “people in numerous villages in Sikkim” complaining about lack of essential rations and also from Sikkimese students outside complaining that the publicized helplines have not reached the promised aid [although some students have received help].

Arguing that sufficient time has now passed since the lockdown began, HSP fears that “more delay in delivering promised aid has the potential to be a crisis of unimaginable proportions, especially for the poor.”

The party has demanded that a “foolproof mechanism” be set up by which non-medical help reaches affected people around Sikkim and financial help for students studying outside be taken up on priority.

The party wants all-out efforts to be launched “to bring about Govt. to Govt. contact with all states, especially in cities where our children are, and even Siliguri, our gateway where stranded people are stuck.”

“Immediate steps be taken to advertise the point of contact or helplines, again and for as long it is required, so that the effected people can contact the right agencies and nodal persons, so that no one is left in the lurch,” HSP demands further.

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