Govt.has failed in reaching lockdown relief properly, SDF alleges

GANGTOK, 09 Apr:

Sikkim Democratic Front spokesperson, JB Darnal has alleged that the State government has been failed to distribute the relief materials to the people in a proper manner. On the same, he further alleged that the government has been trying to suppress the voice of the opposition on this issue to hide its weakness. He asserted that the arrest of people on raising the voice on such practice would not prevent corona virus in the State.

Addressing a press conference here this afternoon, Mr Darnal alleged that the arrest of SDF general secretary [social media] Avinash Yakha was an attempt to suppress the voice of opposition party by using the administration. He added that the concerned citizens have been highlighting the issue in the social media but instead to take it positively the government has been trying to suppress the voice with arrest.

He informed that the police have booked MrYakha under sections 500, 504 and 505 of IPC on a complaint of a party functionary of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party. On the same, he questioned that as per the complaint if the posting of such post was defamation of the government then why a party functionary has filed the complaint and not the government. He further stated that Mr Yakha should booked under the IT Act for his post in the social media and not IPC sections. He added that prisons in other States have been releasing prisoners on payroll due to COVID-19 pandemic but the State has been working opposite.

Mr Darnal questioned that why the law was different for the ruling party and opposition party. He stated that the posting of fake post in the social media on SDF functionaries but no action has been taken by the administration. He added that the arrest of Mr Yakha was made to hide the weakness of the government in the distribution of relief materials to the people. “Being a responsible party SDF has been fully supporting the direction and efforts of the State government in the state in such situation by keeping opposition and people in the jail would not prevent COVID-19 in the State,” he said.

MrDarnal demanded that the State government should provide relief materials to all needy people as per the guidelines of the Centre. He mentioned that SDF was the first party to demand to set up the testing lab for COVID-19 in the State. On the same, he thanked the Governor for taken the issue to set up the testing lab in the State in a high-level meeting on Wednesday.