SKM claims that Darnal attack was staged reveals its deceptive nature: SDF

Gangtok, 17 June:

Sikkim Democratic Front today countered SKM allegations that the attack on SDF spokesperson, JB Darnal, was staged by SDF itself. In a press release issued today, SDF has underlined that such doubts being aired by Sikkim Krantikari Morcha spokesperson, Jacob Khaling, revealed his style of deceptive and irresponsible politics.

The SDF press release, issued by its Cheli Morcha secretary in-charge, Sakun Gurung, points out that SKM was not just a political party, but a part of the government. With such responsibility shouldered on it, the party should conduct itself with more maturity and ensure a proper investigation into the matter instead of muddying the waters in what appears to be an attempt to shield the attackers.

The release further alleges that the SKM government has done nothing concrete to protect the people and this was always the real character of SKM leaders and government.

The SKM spokesperson, who is also the political secretary to the CM, should realize that the priority should be to find out who attacked Mr Darnal instead of taking potshots at SDF.

The party has asserted that the government should now prove that the attack was staged by SDF and not just hide behind political rhetoric to shirk its responsibility towards the people.