DIG Range on JB Darnal case and police deployment in border areas

June 24, 2020


GANGTOK, 23 Jun:

Sikkim Police DIG [Range], Pravin Gurung today said that Indian Reserve Battalion have been deployed in border areas of North and East Sikkim. He added that the present deployment of armed police forces at border areas is a routine exercise of the police whenever any tension arises along international borders of the country.  

Addressing a press conference here this afternoon, the DIG mentioned that Sikkim is a sensitive border State of the country as it shares borders with China, Nepal and Bhutan. Although the Indian Army has the authority to guard the international borders, the State police also has the responsibility towards the people residing in border areas, said Mr Gurung.

He mentioned that on the direction of the State government, IRBn troops were recently deployed at Lachen, Lachung and Thangu in North Sikkim and Kupup and Sherethang in East Sikkim.

The DIG stated that it is part of precautionary measures for the protection of life and properties of local population residing on border areas in case some emergency emerges. It is also a confidence building measure for the people in border areas, he added.

On the issue of assault of SDF spokesperson, JB Darnal, he mentioned that Sadar Thana immediately registered an FIR in the case under section 325, 341 and 392 of IPC. He added that Mr Darnal was not able to recognise his assailants because it had happened suddenly.

Mr Darnal was taken for medical examination after the registration of the complaint and medical observation states that the nature of injuries is simple and a blunt object was used in the attack, said Mr Darnal.

He informed that there was one eye witness who was also not able to recognise anyone but just saw three persons running away. He further informed that the people of the area were questioned but no one had seen anyone and even a video footage of a surveillance camera in a nearby building has not captured much, just an unclear footage of three persons running.

He informed that the police have also apprehended some suspects and interrogated them but could not link anyone with the incident. After medical examination, Mr Darnal went to the Central Referral Hospital, Tadong and was admitted from 12 to 18 June and requisition has been made to the hospital of his medical report.

DIG mentioned that a LAVA mobile phone was found from the spot and Mr Darnal also gave a statement that his Samsung phone was snatched away by assailants and phones are found switched off.

He informed that the police have been going thoroughly through call details of both phones. He stated that Mr Darnal was a politician so the police have taken the case very seriously and Inspector level officer is investigating the case assisted by a team of four sub-inspectors.

Responding to media queries, the DIG mentioned that there are no plans to open any new out-posts or check-posts but to strengthen the existing out-posts and police stations in the area. He added that police personnel are acclimatising and gradually being taken to higher altitude on rotation basis.

Responding to the query on allegations of the opposition party on discrimination by the police, he responded that Sikkim Police has always taken the complaints of the public seriously and without any discrimination and if anyone thinks that the police has not acted as per the law then they can approach the Court.

He added that if any complainant was not satisfied with the SHO of the thana then they can approach the Superintendent of Police of the respective district who can take the case in cognition. The police is always answerable towards the people, the government and the court so it has been working professionally without any discrimination, fear or favour.

“We are looking at all possible angles in JB Darnal’s case as it could be conspiracy or personal enmity so we are investigating the matter on all angles,” he said.


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