heavy rainfall and flash flood in Rangit river

Geyzing, 06 Aug:

The increased volume of water due to incessant rain of Wednesday night has wrecked havoc at different areas along river Rangit in West Sikkim. An incessant heavy rainfall and flash flood caused Rangit to expand its flowing route swallowing lands along the course of the river.

Flash flood from Rangit River on Wednesday entered the bottom floors of a famous Kirateswar temple of Legship and a considerable damage has occurred. An electric pole installed at the temple premises has been uprooted by the flash flood snapping the electricity supply to temple. Two bridges constructed side by side for accessing the temple also face the risk of collapse due to soil erosion being caused by violent water flow of river Rangit.

Working president of Manav Sewa Samiti (Legship), BB Limboo informed that the water level in Rangit River had raised to such an extremity that entire Kirateshwar temple was in risk of being swept away. He maintained that affected premises of the temple in the flash flood would be assessed and necessary renovation work would be initiated by the managing committee of the temple.

The residents of Legship spent a sleepless night on Wednesday as the roaring Rangit posed possible threat of flash flood and landslides. It was informed that the families residing at the houses located nearby River Rangit were evacuated in the night and many fled from their homes to safety.

"In my whole life I had not witnessed Rangit flowing in such torbulent and violent force. The water level had gone up so high that the residents were really scared for their safety. Scary night we spent yesterday", a person said.

People opine that if rainfall continues further, more damages along Rangit River cannot be denied.

Falling of trees along the banks of river Rangit due to soil erosion, landslides and mudslips have become rampant since yesterdays due to continuous rainfall and situations may go precarious if rain continues in coming days.

Similarly, stone crusher plant set up by an entrepreneur, Badri Kumar Chettri at a place named Ghumaauro in West Sikkim has been swept away by Rangit River leaving only the vibrator machine at the site. He has lost all the machines installed at the plant along with an excavator machine in the flood. Rangit River in its expansion process due to increased water flow swallowed almost 6 acres of Badri Kumar Chettri's lands located along the river belt.

Mr Chettri shared that he faced almost 15.0 crore loss in the flood. 'I request for a proper verifications of the losses I have faced from the administration in a natural calamity and I antocipate some help from the concerned department", Mr Chettri said.

Nearby the stone crusher plant, a public ground has also been completely damaged in the flood and 70% of area of the ground has been swept away by river Rangit. It was further informed that a family residing near the ground lost their two pigs and five goats in the flood. However, the family was rescued by the locals.

Flash flood in river Rangit has also caused partial damage to a famous hot spring located near Reshi adding to woes of the locals who are dependent upon hotsprings for seasonal entrepreneurship.