NHPC accused of imperilling Dikchu and then ignoring it.

MANGAN, 08 AUG: The NHPC has always been suspect in the eyes of the people when it comes to the safety of the area and the people. The resident of Dikchu Naya Bazar North Sikkim, share a love hate relationship with the PSU and during monsoons, the latter emotion express itself stronger because of the dangers visited upon them by NHPC

The resident of Dikchu Naya Bazaar have been cowering through horrifying ties since Saturday morning when they notices that the very foundation of their town has been rendered unstable by continous slides because of scouring due to the Stage V reservoir. The slide is active and a massive tree below the raod was taken away a few minutes before this video was shot and even the highway leading to North Sikkim could give way at any moment now.

Several desperate phone calls to the NHPC authorities by the affected people went unanswered and remained ignored. “The main onus of this situation is of course NHPC, but the previous Government which had granted them the LOI to build this power project is equally to blame, there was no strict rues put up for NHPC to follow as all official rules has been exchanged for money, so they were free to do as they wished, but I think the New Government can take action against NHPC as it is endangering all the lives of the people and also the ecological balance of North Sikkim. I hope the new government takes some serious step on this” wrote Minju Gyatso on the SummitTimes Facebook page where thos story was shared on Saturday.

Another reader Mijas Som Pandy wrote” One question always arise in my head that, if the quality and load bearing capacity of the area was measured before commencement of such big project and secondly I am unaware that people who received tha cash against their land for project are they happy today? Is there any kind of satisfaction in their mind after witnesses the consequences?”.