On SKM's Jan Unmukti Diwas, Golay thanks leaders and supporters for staying firm with the party and its mission

August 11, 2020


GANGTOK, 10 Aug: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party president, the Chief Minister PS Tamang has expressed his deep gratitude to senior leadership, workers and supports of SKM party for standing still during the difficult time of the party. He further expressed that SKM is the government at present due to selfless contributions and sacrifices made by leaders, workers and supporters of the party. He was addressing a small function on the occasion of the third Jan Unmukti Diwas of the ruling SKM party here at Samman Bhawan on Monday.

A SKM press release issued by its secretary [press & publicity] Ranjana Pradhan informed that on the occasion, SKM party has felicitated the SKM president, PS Tamang with a felicitation letter, which was presented by senior Ministers, Kunga Nima Lepcha and Arun Uprety. The release further informed a senior Minister Sonam Lama has also honored the party president with the presentation of a butter lamp on behalf of the entire party workers of SKM party. It is further informed that Nari Shakti vice-president and MLA, Sunita Gazmer congratulated and thanked the party president on behalf of Nari Morcha of the party.

In his address, SKM president extended his greeting to all party workers on the occasion of the third Jan Unmukti Diwas and expressed his gratitude to all leaders, workers and supporters for standing with the party.  He expressed that SKM party in the government at present due to selfless contributions and sacrifice of the entire party workers. “I express my heartfelt gratitude to every party worker and support and would never forget them,” he said.

Mr Tamang mentioned that the earlier government could able to take legal action and send him to jail immediately if there was any corruption during his Ministership but the earlier government had conspired and sent him jail despite being the innocent when he started to raise the voice of the people against the autocratic government. He further alleged that the earlier government had hatched many conspiracies to suppressed the voice of the people. “I was sent to the jail but the people from different corners kept visited me and senior leadership and workers of the party never demoralized but gave continuity to the party programmes and now we are in the government. SKM government is the government of Sikkimese people and everyone would get justice and we would never forget the contribution who worked for the party during its difficult days,” he expressed.

Mr Tamang further encouraged everyone to support the government to bring the change in the system. He added that there was some delay due to the global pandemic but the SKM government would fulfill all its promises and would not betray the people of Sikkim. “Out Kranti is not only to change the government but to bring the change in the system and the people would get the system, education and health of their desire,” he said.

SKM president alleged that the people of Sikkim have suffered lots in the earlier government as there was no proper infrastructures and opportunities in the 25 years long SDF government. On the same, he added that the SKM government has been working to correct mistakes and lapses made in the earlier government and to provide justice to the people. He expressed that the people of Sikkim have now given the chance to SKM to run the government and the SKM government would complete all those works in 10 years of time which the SDF government was failed to do so in last 25 years.

The release informed that a book ‘Parivartan Ko Ek Barsha’ published by press & publicity and social media cell of SKM party, an English edition of the collection of Nepali poems, ‘An Uprising Born of Injustice’ written by the party president, PS Tamang during his one year in the jail and a musical album ‘Jan Unmukti’ were released by the SKM president, PS Tamang. It is further informed that two small videos prepared by social media cell of the party on the life of the party president were also screened during the programme.

The release mentioned that earlier in his welcome address, secretary general of SKM party, the Minister Arun Uprety gave a small introduction on the party president. The programme was also addressed by senior Minister, KN Lepcha. The programme ended with the presentation of vote of thanks by senior Minister, Dr MK Sharma.

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