30th Foundation day celebration of Rhenock Educational Society “We are in this together and we will

Gangtok, 12 Aug:

We know that the world is facing a challenge today while COVID-19 has disrupted plans for the 30th Foundation Day of Rhenock Educational Society. The Society remains committed to celebrate the accomplishments and success of the society the members of the society especially the Founder and Member Secretary of Rhenock Educational Society, Dr HP Chhetri had developed a plan to celebrate the day and remain connected to the RES Family from a distance. It was not possible to gather the members of the society in the same platform but still we could come together as a family and celebrate the 30th Foundation of RES through the use of technology.

Every year the foundation day is celebrated with great pomp and show, inviting dignitaries from Government sectors, Universities as well as Pharmaceutical Companies. Keeping the tradition alive this year too we had a small celebration within the RES family.

The occasion was graced by the Member Secretary of the Society, Dr HP Chhetri, President of RES, CP Dewan, Principal HCE, Dr Arati Chhetri, Principal HPI, Dr NR Bhuyan, Principal DSC, Dr SK Pradhan and all the teaching and non-teaching faculties. To congratulate the 30th Foundation Day all the Alumni of three colleges namely, HPI, HCE and DSC joined the celebration and shared their experiences during their stay in the college.

The celebration started from 06 Aug, 2020 and the main celebration was celebrated on 12 Aug, 2020. Numerous solo competitions were held showcasing the various hidden talents of the students from the safety of their homes. Winners as well as all the participants’ efforts were appreciated and commended and on the final day results were announced as well as e-certificates were awarded to all the students who participated in making this 30th Foundation Day Celebration a success.

As said by Josep Borrell “COVID-19 will reshape our world. We don’t yet know when the crisis will end. But we can be sure that by the time it does our world will look very different”. In spite of all the challenges and hardships we are facing in today’s world yet we all are fighting this battle together. In this COVID-19 situation too RES celebrated its 30 years of service to the society and will continue to provide services in the future as well. We hope that this service to the society will continue and will always be successful in the future endeavors.