Gandagi Mukt Bharat at North Sikkim

Mangan, 12 Aug (IPR):

As per the press communiqué received from District Coordinator, Rural Development Department, North Sikkim informs that as a part of the ongoing programme “Gandagi Mukt Bharat” which was commenced on 08 August at all four Block Administrative Centre i.e. Mangan, Kabi, Passingdang and Chungthang of North Sikkim have conducted various activities.

A campaign led by village panchayats for collection and segregation of single use plastic was carried out on 09Aug, 2020.

White wash/cleaning of public structure was done on 10 August and wall painting with sanitation and hygiene messages in villages was conducted on 11 August.

All four BAC's under North District have been observing a weeklong campaign in “Gandagi Mukt Bharat (GMB)” by following all necessary COVID-19 precautions.

Tree Plantation activities were undertaken today by all BAC's details are as under:

BAC Kabi:

Cleaning and sanitization of Panchayat Bhawan of Kabi Rongpa and Lingchom GPU was undertaken along with Tree Plantations at Navey Shotak GPU and BAC Kabi.

BAC Mangan:

Tree Plantation activity was carried out at Mangshila-Tibuk GPU in presence of Panchayat President and public. More than 50 saplings were planted at Ramthang-Tenek GPU in coordination with Forest Department of Phodong territory.

BAC Passingdong:

All the GPU under BAC Passingdong initiated Plastic Freedom challenge.

BAC Chungthang:

All the GPU and DZUMSA under BAC also observed the same, Tree Plantations were carried ahead in all vacant places of the villages.