Waste segregation centre near Geyzing Bazar gives an ugly looks to township

Geyzing, 17 Aug: The sacks of waste kept outside the waste segregation centre near Geyzing Bazar gives an ugly look to the town drawing ire of local residents who have demanded an immediate removal of the waste from the site. Waste materials piled up recklessly beside Geyzing Sakyong road nearby the waste collection centre have posed threat to health and sanitation of people of the town. The stray dogs in search of food have torn off some sacks leaving a trail of waste scattered around the premises.

Local residents and drivers who ply from Geyzing to Sakyong and other areas have complained that eruption of foul smells from heaps of decaying garbage is posing threat to health and hygiene of common people. They mention that the place stinks as the waste has not been removed since a long time. Locals have alleged that a local businessman in an illegal way has stored saleable materials such as cartons, bottles and other items inside the segregation centres keeping the waste materials outside. People have demanded that the waste dumped recklessly beside the centre must be removed immediately. They blame Geyzing civic body for carelessness.

"How the civic body failed to initiate notice the negligency being happened on the subject pertaining to sanitation and hyegine of the town? It is a shere recklessness happening under the civic body nose", some persons said.

"Instead of storing waste, how other saleable materials have been stored with a purpose of a business? Who will be responsible if piles of rotting waste materials trigger some kinds of epidemic in the town?", another person said.

The chairman of Geyzing Municipal Council (GMC), IK Neupaney when intimated about the issue maintained that GMC would take necessary action to clear the waste from segregation centre. He added that the businessman involved in the issue would be also informed about the matter. He asserted that waste would be removed from the spot very soon. He further informed that it was due to COVID-19 situation, waste may have accumulated in excess. He maintained that the issue would be sort out soon.

Municipal Executive Officer, Bhumika Pradhan could not be reached for her comments on the issue and the local businessman having involvement in the case could not be traced for his side of story.

It may be mentioned here that two waste segregation centres are constructed by the state government at a place nearby Geyzing town as part of waste management initiative.