SDF pulls up govt for failing to attend to medical needs of non-COVID patients

Gangtok, 19 Aug:

Sikkim Democratic Front today highlighted that the people have been facing difficulties in seeking and receiving treatment for other diseases and ailments amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. The party has stressed that the State government should take up this issue seriously and bring out a solution.

An SDF press release issued by its vice-president [organization], Damber Dahal, points out that the Health Department has the prime responsibility to ensure medical treatment to the people but recent incidents have indicated that the government has failed to deliver on this responsibility.

In this regard, the release mentions that the death of Jagat Bahadur Chettri of Turuk, South Sikkim, who died on the driveway of Central Referral Hospital awaiting a medical check-up. The hospital’s approach to a patient in this case was inhuman, insensitive and irresponsible, the release states.

The release adds that a patient from Pani House and another from Bhanu Gram in DPH have already lost their lives due to negligence at CRH.

These unfortunate incidents reveal the inactiveness, weakness and unclear policy of the State government, SDF contends.

As for the inquiry committees instituted at CRH to look into the allegations, SDF has dismissed them as eye-wash.