SGJS congratulates Indian Gorkhas on anniv of recognition as Indians

Namchi, 23 Aug:

Sikkim Gorkha Jagaran Sangh president, Bal Bir Tamang, has congratulated the Gorkhas of Sikkim, Darjeeling, and other states of India on the anniversary of being recognized as citizens of India.

In a press statement issued today, he informs that this recognition had come on 23 August, 1988, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Sharing details included in the book 'Sikkim:Darjeeling, Compendium of Documents (page no. 156),' Mr Tamang states that misconceptions were created by the community's belief of being called Nepalese of India, the commonly recognized name given to the citizens of neighboring Nepal who work and reside in India.

The misconceptions, Mr Tamang believes were created by “our brothers who do not wish well for us.”

He also narrated an incident from the year 2016 when he and his team of SGJS members visited New Delhi for their association's documentation. There, the then Minister of Law, DV Sadananda Gowda, showed them what the Constitution recognises as Indians and told them, "We as the Government of India have done all we can. It is now for yourself and your people to take it further. You have been betrayed by your leaders for your identity. We've done our part. Everybody has understood your selflessness in the wars, your loyalty to the Nation. And there is no one who do not know you."