State Univ students reiterate demand on eve of anniv

Gangtok, 23 Aug:

Students of Sikkim State University have reiterated their demands for a properly functioning university on the eve of the second foundation day of the univ. The University was “inaugurated” in 24 August 2018.

“In the second foundation day of our institute, we want to give a clear message to the concerned departmental officials and government that, the day situation due to the pandemic eases, we will be intensifying our movement to the maximum possible level under the provisions of the Indian Constitution. And as mentioned earlier, it will not be only us this time, as the movement has turned into a ‘peoples’ movement,” a press communiqué from the students states.

Their demands remain the same:

“All the verbal and written assurances of given to us must be fulfilled immediately. This includes regular staff, faculty, sufficient funding;

PG courses for all the UG courses which are taught in the Govt colleges of Sikkim should be started from this session itself. Further studies like PhD should also begin from this year as well.

Everyone including general public should be transparently informed regarding the latest development of the university;

The permanent Campus construction should be immediately started.”