Marathon Man urges all to participate in Teacher’s Day Run

Rudra Kaushik

Gyalshing, 26 Aug:

In a bid to pay tribute to teachers on the occasion of Teacher's Day that falls on 05 September, Cyrun, a sports organization based in Mumbai in coordination with marathoner and coach Rahul Sharma from Mumbai who is also known as Coach Rahul are organizing an online short run all over the country.

The run is being held in five categories i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 kilometres categories as per the choice of participants. Any interested individual can participate in the run as online registration for the run can be done on or through an application named 'Strava' available online. The run will be held on 05 and 06 Sept and the best performers will be chosen as per online records sent by the participants.

Ultra marathoner, Amar Subba who is the ambassador of the run for North Eastern states informed that a short run on the occasion of Teachers' Day is being initiated with an objective to pay respect to the teachers who play a pivotal role in shaping our lives.

He shared that interested individuals can register online for the event, adding that the participants can record their performance by using the Strava app. which can record the performance of a participant such as distance covered by a runner, speed maintained, altitudinal areas coverage display system and amount of calories burnt in the run.

Participants belonging to any part of the country can record their run from their respective areas. However, the participants must follow COVID-19 protocols.

MrSubba maintains that the organizing committee has given a good opportunity for the people to be a part of a constructive initiative that will help to boost the fitness level of the people. Informing that anybody can participate in the run, Amar Subba expressed that even people who go for morning walks can participate in the initiative.

"Many students of mine are also eager to participate in the run and they are on 'practice mode' these days. Participation makes a difference,"MrSubba said.

It was informed that an overwhelming number of participants from Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong and the North eastern states will participate in the run to pay respect to teachers recognizing their selfless contribution in the education sector.