New facilities welcome, but more efforts required: SPYF

Gangtok, 28 Aug:

Welcoming thestarting of dialysis and installation of TrueNat testing facility at Gyalshing District Hospital, Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum [SPYF] has said that it hopes that COVID testing facility will be made available in other district hospitals as well, as per a press release.

The Forum has, however, added that this is not enough and serious commitment is required to change the public health sector in the state. They have highlighted that various other problems prevail in the Gyalshing hospital which also need attention.

For tests related to blood and urine the hospital receives samples only in the first hour of the day. As a result, a patient coming even from nearby villages cannot reach there in time, let alone the patients coming from far-flung places. When asked we were informed that a powerful machine with high input capacity which can give quick results is required to speed up the process.

“After a great struggle by SPYF an ultrasonography machine has been installed in the hospital along with a Radiologist. However, when a patient goes for the test, he gets the date of 3 months later. How can a patient wait for 3 long months just for a simple test like ultrasonography, a service which a private clinic provides in a matter of minute? ,” SPYF has said.

SPYF has mentioned that the hospital does not provide medicine and other medical requirements to the patients; the patient has to buy everything in the hospital; the hospital does not have sufficient ambulance facilities; all the services of specialist level must be provided in the district hospital; and only cases requiring super-specialist services must be referred to Gangtok.

SPYF has reminded the state government of its 2-point demand of implementation of IPHS guidelines in all hospital across state on or before 30 Nov, 2020.