School staff who left place of posting during lockdown to be penalised

Gangtok, 29 Aug:

Education Department, in a circular issued on 28 August, Friday, has tagged teaching and non-teaching staff who did not remain “in station” at the place of their postings through the five months of the continuing lockdown as “delinquent” and decided to “award” their absence from station with 10 days of “extra ordinary leave” [leave without pay] and balance the rest of the period that they were not where they had been posted against leave “due at their credit.”

The circular, issued by Additional Chief Secretary, Education Department, reminds school staff that instructions issued by the department on 18 March, 2020, “clearly instructed” them to remain in station.

“It has, however, been observed that some of them left the station and are not attending to the duties assigned to them during the lockdown period,” the Circular goes on to put on record.

The Circular adds that the Department has, meanwhile, “made several arrangements” for continuity of learning through “online and offline mode including home-schooling.

“...non compliance to the duty by such teachers and non-teaching staff members has warranted appropriate action against them,” the circular states by way of explaining why the LWP and “leave due at their credit” action has been decided by the “competent authority.”