State Govt issues Unlock 4 Guidelines

Gangtok, 31 Aug:

The State Government issued fresh guidelines under Unlock 4 on Monday. As per the new guidelines, schools will remain shut till 30 Sept, however, 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff are required to report for online teaching/tele-counselling and related work we.f. 21st September.

From that date students of classes 9 and 12 can also visit schools for guidance from teachers subject to written consent of their parents.

Earlier, instructions were issued for the heads of schools, colleges and educational institutes, professors, teachers, and all other non-teaching staff members to attend their workplaces regularly from 01 Sept 2020 for continuity of digital and offline classes from their workplaces, support the home-schooling initiative and assist in upkeep and maintenance of institutions.

However, it is not clear if the earlier direction to staff to attend institutions from 01 Sept 2020 stands cancelled.

These instructions shall not be applicable to those areas during the time when containment continues and to those educational institutions which are acquired/requisitioned by the District Administration under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 until de-notified and sufficiently sanitized.

Skill or entrepreneurship training will also resume from 21 Sept while research scholars and post graduate students of technical and professional programs will also be permitted to visit their institutions from 21 Sept.

Significantly, all social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious and political functions will now be allowed with a ceiling of 100 persons from 21 Sept onwards. The limit of 100 people will also apply to marriages and funerals.

Inter-state movement of people is also now allowed subject to online registration, screening and mandatory quarantine at home, facility or project site.

The odd-even restriction has been lifted for two-wheelers but pillion riders are still not allowed.

Rest of the lockdown restrictions already in place will continue to remain in force.