Mystery case evolved around the West District from Gangyap

Namchi, 03 Sep:

The family members of deceased, Ongmit Lepcha, suspect murder while the husband claimed the death was a suicide. As per the latest case related to unnatural death of Ongmit Lepcha, resident of Gangyap, West Sikkim, the brothers have suspected foul play in sudden death of their sister and they have demanded proper investigation of the case. However, the husband of the deceased, Lako Tshering Lepcha claims innocence and terms the death of his wife as a case of suicide.

It may be mentioned here that deceased Ongmit Lepcha had lost her life amidst suspicious condition reportedly in the evening of 03 Sept, 2020. The family members of deceased claimed that at first they were informed by Lako Tshering Lepcha (brother in law) that the cause of death was natural due to illness. However, when they inspected the deceased body, they discovered ligature mark around her neck raising suspicion over the claims placed by their brother in law. They further added that later on the brother in law Lako Tshering Lepcha taking a U - turn claimed that the deceased was found hanging by a rope in her room when he arrived home late in the evening and in a hope of saving the life of the deceased he cut the rope and brought the body down on the floor. The brothers of deceased further said that their brother in law also changed the location of the place of incident and alleged that sometime he claims the location to be their room and sometimes says that it is a tree located nearby the house. The family members further accused that in laws without any intimation to the family members of the deceased were preparing for the cremation process and they (familly members) were even persuaded to not pay visit to the house of deceased citing the risk of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The family of deceased has demanded a thorough investigation of the case.

"There are many points those appear to be suspicious regarding the sudden death of our sister. Our brother in law should not have lied to us if our sister had taken such an extreme step to end her life. Changing statements regarding cause of death, preparing for cremation without waiting for family members and other points in the case raise suspicions", Gaychung Lepcha, a younger brother of deceased said.

Another brother informed that a witty person such as his sister cannot take her own life.

The husband of the deceased, Ongmit Lepcha agreed that he made a mistake by claiming the death of his wife as natural to his wife's family members reasoning that he was afraid and nervous to disclose the truth. However, he claiming innocence and refuting any foul play in the death of his wife, expressed that when he reached home in the evening of Wednesday evening at around 6:30, he found the door of a room locked from inside his wife was hanging on a rope in the room. He added that after entering the room through window he cut the rope to bring the body of his wife down with a hope that he could save her life but she was no more. He futher informed that the deceased had attempted suicide many times in past as well but was saved.

"It was my biggest fault that I did not disclose the truth to my in laws because I was so nervous to tell the truth as I had lost my wife", Lako Tshering Lepcha said.

Dead body of the deceased was brought today here at mortuary of district hospital, Geyzing and has been forwarded to STNM hospital of Gangtok for autopsy.

Geyzing police has been investigating the case and it was informed legal angles in the case would be explored according to medical reports.

"Each and every aspects related to the case will be investigated when the autopsy report comes. We have registered the case of unnatural death and the investigation will follow", DSP, CP Silal said.