Awareness, positivity and moderate exercise key to Stress Management during Corona Pandemic: Experts

PIB Guwahati hosts webinar on Stress Management among citizens

Guwahati, 4 Sept:

Regular exercises and Yoga, proper awareness of safety measures, positive thoughts and remaining connected with family and friends while maintaining social distancing norms are the key to managing stress and anxiety during these times of Covid-19 pandemic. This was the opinion of the experts at the Webinar on Stress Management during Corona Pandemic, organized by Press Information Bureau, Guwahati today.

In his inaugural address, Additional Director General, SN Pradhan, North East Zone, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that due to the lockdown and subsequent restrictions on movement of people, lifestyle of people has undergone a drastic change this year and has had different effects on different individuals. He pointed out that Prime Minister, Narendra Modiji has repeatedly stressed on the practice of Yoga for healthy living and for developing natural immunity. He added that media would do the society great service by taking this important idea to the people in a manner that is effective and impactful. He said that Government of India has been using social media proactively to give various protocols and advice on management of health in these times. These need to be taken by the media to the people in a much more sustained manner than is being done presently, he added.

Speaking on the issue, Consultant Diabetologist, Dr Rupam Choudhury, Sun Valley Hospital, Apollo Clinic said that the level of anxiety and stress in the lives of people has increased during this period of Corona pandemic due to a number of reasons like social isolation, financial problems, altered sleep cycles, fear of contracting the disease or fear for the health of loved ones. This results in fall of immunity levels of all individuals and worsens health conditions of people who have pre-existing health issues. Focus on positive things, think about things that are under your own control, exercise regularly, follow social distancing norms but stay connected with family and friends through technology, feel confident and avoid negative thoughts. He added that people should avoid self-medication and rely on the advice of the experts.

Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Chandra Kumar Das, Hayat and Swagat Hospital said that a lot of mortality due to Covid19 is due to pre-existing heart conditions that are aggravated due to anger and frustration that has increased in this period. He said that anxiety and stress are causing drastic fall in immunity levels and is causing aggravation of heart diseases. Moderate and regular exercise of about half hour a day will help the people with cardio-vascular weaknesses. Proper eating habit and taking medication only on the advise of doctors are also important, he said.

Director, Abhishek Dayal, PIB Imphal said that PIB Guwahati has been organizing a series of webinars on different issues since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic with one clear aim in mind: to bring the experts, officials and media on one platform on various critical issues. He added that the challenges of the times can be met effectively only when we have fully informed and alert citizens.

The webinar was attended by over 30 persons from medical profession, journalists and officials of PIB and ROB, North East Zone.