Concerned ad-hoc teachers met Education Minister

September 15, 2020

Gangtok, 14 Sept:

The concerned ad-hoc teachers met Education Minister, Kunga Nima Lepcha regarding the various issues discussed in the previous press conference on 31 Aug, 2020 today.

• Memorandum regarding the '8 years Regularisation Scheme' has been submitted to the Education minister and to the Additional Chief Secretary of our Education Department.

• Request to renew the orders of the teachers’ immediately even if the government decides to shut down schools on 21 September too. Their orders are kept aside for very long even when the notice was drafted by the department to renew their orders from 01 September but till now no such decisions came into effect.

• The teacher also laid down their request to conduct the PGT Interview which was advertised on 04 Feb, 2019 with Ref. no: 19/SSTRB/2019 by Government of Sikkim where they requested to review the 249 vacancies so that it will meet up the present need.


The concerned ad-hoc teachers believe that the particular Scheme will serve a gross injustice to remaining ad-hocs who will not meet the terms and conditions (8 years of service) and also hamper the future of upcoming teaching aspirants unless some changes and proper solution is made early by the government to make it permanent policy.

• Grievances and Request laid down on Memorandum:

1. Till now there has been no steps taken by the government to solve the ongoing issues related with the regularisation scheme where the prime importance is only given to those who have served 8 years of their services as an ad-hoc. This has brought a tensed situation among those who don't fufill the service criteria and express strong disagreement and dissatisfaction towards it.

2. The decision itself is a self contradictory because there is no provision or written assurance for those who have served less than 8 years and because of it the scheme can be seen as a one time opportunity which is granted only to the 8 years section where majority of ad-hoc teachers are also working below 8 years.

3. It violates the guidelines set by NCTE (National Council of Teachers Education) where on Section II, it is clearly mentioned that the recruitment process of teachers should be based on Academic and Professional qualifications.

Those who have these two qualifications are eligible for the recruitment of teachers in both ad-hoc or regular where there is no such 'service scheme' mentioned in any sections of NCTE. 

4. It also violates the Article 16 given by our Indian Constitution which states - Equality in the matter of public employment.

The opportunity here is only given to the 8 years section and is not accountable as equality as it does not serves for all the qualified.

5. Delay in the renewal of appointment this year have caused deep impact on those to whom the government have given only unstable assurance where their date of renewal is extended again and again.

The government intervention in this pandemic period have provided all sorts of beneficiaries and financial help to all sectors except the ad-hoc teachers whose orders are delayed for more than 6 months and due to this they have to face different problems, frustrations and financial crisis. No job means no salary and till now there's no one to address the worsening conditions of such ad-hoc teachers.

Such delays have also caused their service loss inorder to be added in the regularisation scheme.

6. If the scheme is practised continuously then all the departments belonging to Government of Sikkim will be saturated in future where there will be no scope for competition (Interview) and will be beneficial for reserved ones rather than deserved ones. Also the ratio of recruitment and retirement will be compromised which eventually will lead the Government to dissolve this decision and will create chaos in upcoming future.

The concerned ad-hoc teachers mention that they are not against this scheme or the government decision but our concern seeks certain clarifications.

In order to prevent such imbalances and injustices the Government should agree with certain request and demands before implementing the 8 years scheme.

1. The government should convert this scheme into a permanent policy by passing this scheme in upcoming Sikkim Legislative Assembly so that the remaining and upcoming teaching aspirants would not need to worry from being deprived in future.

2. Continuous service till regularisation. There shall be no service break in the term end where the ad-hocs have to run for the renewal of their order's every year. Such traditional practices should be removed from its very root and reforms should be adopted as early as possible.

3. Every year there shall be appointment for Regularisation of those whose services completes the 8 years in the term end.

4. More than 70% of schools are still functioned by the ad-hoc teachers and their workload is same as the regular ones.

Equal pay for Equal work should be implemented for those working on ad-hoc basis. Also there shall be no salary break on winter vacation. This will not only improve the conditions of Ad-hocs but also bring financial stability in order to carry out their day to day lives.

 5. All the facilities enjoyed by the regular teachers should be granted to ad-hoc teachers too. If not 100 than 70 percent of such facilities where the medical facilities should given the top-most priority.

The above demands if fulfilled will secure the future of those working as an ad-hocs and also will create a system which will also benefit those upcoming generations who are preparing for this selfless service of teaching.

 If the demands are not possible to be fulfilled by the government than the government should do away with this 8 years scheme and focus on creating more vacancies for the regular post and conduct an Open Interview which will be fair and equal for all the qualified teachers and qualified unemployed youths.

Education minister and respected ACS of Education department gave us a very good response in order to bring a permanent solution to this matter as they too were aware of this fact.

Further the concerned ad-hoc teachers hope that the Government and Department will take up a necessary initiative as soon as possible before implementing the aforesaid Regularisation Scheme

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