Nisha Subba from Sikkim to Judge and direct a regional level Beauty Pageant in Siliguri

Gangtok, 14 Sept:

A 24 year old girl from Sikkim has been invited to Judge a regional level Beauty Pageant in West Bengal. She will not only Judge the Show but will be directing the Show. Nisha Subba a young girl basically from Gangtok will be directing the show in Siliguri in West Bengal.

The Pageant is scheduled to be held on November this year. The Event is being organised by a Siliguri based event management. Sikkim Girl, Nisha Subba has been selected as a Judge of the beauty contest in West Bengal.

Nisha Subba, is the Chief Executive Officer of Sikkim Fashion Diva, which is also a beauty pageant in Sikkim that provides platform to the local models and interested girls and boys of the state, to showcase their talent.

Miss Subba has been working in fashion industry since 2014 and has started her own venture in fashion Industry.

Miss Subba has been selected from Sikkim as a show director for Mrs Siliguri Super Mom 2020 which will be having their beauty pageants on November 2020.