“Jogging with the juniors” Run from heart run for Good Health

September 16, 2020

Rangpo, 15 Sept:
The ‘Young   joggers’ turn the tide this time around as they changed the monotonous lifestyle we were having due to this Covid-19 into much more fun and everyone  had this chance to take stock of the  stamina health wise. From students to teachers or people in different professional fields are jogging around out here.
This week the joggers were up at Budang, all the way from Karmithang, Pandem. “The 6km stiff route was chose to jog and while coming up was something of a challenge but ‘WE’ made it.
When the cool breeze of Budang passes through us while we reached their jogging, that feeling everyone gets can't just be explained in words” mentions one of the jogger.
The route selected was tough, but the determination was very strong of all the joggers. Almost every day new members were added and most of the time it was girl child who was willing to be part of it. They complete the jog of 12 km (to-and-fro) every day with same zeal and enthusiasm.
To lift the moral of the youths, Indian overseas bank manager, K Misra, Pandem branch too took part in jogging on his off day and also joined the cleanness drive yesterday. Along with physical and mental fitness, the young joggers also feel the need to keep the environment healthy, and so they carry out the cleanliness drive too. With the motto, “Clear the trash, make environment free of Rash”. The joggers decided to dedicate an hour or two every Sunday to pick all plastics products specially to keep environment free from the virus called ‘plastics’ which in Long run can bring great disaster.

The young joggers carried out the cleanliness drive at different places at Budang village and took the ‘Vow, not to throw’ (Plastics) today. There is a plan for the reuse of this collected plastics and rappers too, let's see how far we can work out on it but we will definitely Said One of the Participants of the Mission

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September 26, 2020

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