A missing girl back to Sikkim after two years

September 21, 2020

Rangpo, 20 Sept:

Duars Express Mail team brings a missing girl back to Sikkim after two years. According to the source, the missing Girl was suddenly seen in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh four days ago. The Balia police while trying to send the girl back safely to where she belonged was again disappeared suddenly from the Ballia after the investigation.

After the disappearance of the girl from Ballia, some organizations of Ballia staged a sit-in demonstration to find the woman safely for the police. In the meantime, the news of a young girl from Sikkim getting burnt in Ballia became viral in the social media. Taking this matter seriously, the Sikkim government and the state administration started investigating, and after contacting the Ballia police station and their information about the missing girl, the GRP police provided information about the very girl to be safe and will be transported via Duars Express Mail to her nearby destination from Katihar.

Administration of Sikkim contacted the Duars Express Mail to discuss the management for bringing the girl to Sikkim safely. The members of the Duars Express Mail reached Katihar and after that they brought the Girl to Rangpo Sikkim Check post.

Under the supervision of the Sikkim Police, the Duars Express Mail team handed over the missing girl to the members of the State Women’s Commission today. The members of the Sikkim from One Stop Centre have also provided special support in this campaign. The girl was taken to Screening Centre Rangpo by the members of the State Women Commission and has been sent to quarantine today. While talking about the incident with Duars Express Mail representative, Raju Nepali he mentioned that the mission was a success with the help of Duars Express Mail team, Sikkim Police, Administration of Sikkim State Government and Railway GRP. He also said that the state should apply a strict order to avoid widespread smuggling and such traffickers in the areas of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Dooars, Nepal, etc. including citizen to be self-aware and aware about their community such that no such cases arise.

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