Gangtok, 23 Sept:

Bikki Jaiswal has been playing for Sikkim Cricket Association since 2018 but is now being told that he is not even eligible for registration here, a bureaucratic googly which has put his cricketing dreams in jeopardy.

Trials for SiCA probables are already underway and Bikki is running from pillar to post to get heard and addressed as a sportsperson after having given two seasons to SiCA.

It is no secret that sports administrators have traditionally been inconsiderate, even mean to sportspersons. Are we seeing that happen in this instance as well?

Players are required to have been residing in, or studying in or employed in a state for at least two years to be eligible to try for state squads. Bikki, who is also a registered cricketer with BCCI, was originally registered under the employment clause in 2018. SiCA, however, amended this rules in a way that Bikki cannot qualify under this clause any more. He does however have all documents at hand to establish his residence here and get registered under this clause.

In fact, following an appeal, he even received a whatsapp message informing him he could attend the trials. When he asked for a written confirmation, however, he was told he was not eligible. An inquriy into his complaint also arrived at the same verdict but addressed only his eligibility under the employment criteria and ignored his qualifying under the residence clause.

It is almost as if there is a section hell-bent on denying him. If that is the case, it is an unfortunate development which will not only affect this one player, but will contaminate the sporting culture and development of cricket itself in Sikkim.

The player has appealed to the SiCA president and placed his faith in him to deliver him justice since all other avenues have run into dead-ends.