Rangpo–Rorathang washed off due to heavy rainfall

Rangpo, 24 Sept:

Rangpo–Rorathang road connecting Rhenock, Rongli, Pakyong, along with more than 50 villages is cut-off due to 110 meters of road washed away at 4th Mile Bhasmey. The road use to be the busy one due to the establishment of several pharma companies and two hydel power projects. As per the source, this incident took place yesterday due to continuous and heavy rainfall from the past few days. The passengers are commuting by foot as of now in case of an emergency.

The washing away of the road has also created threats to several of the adjoining areas that are covered with local communities. People living nearby are scared and think that their houses are next, many structures nearby are vulnerable.

SDM Rangpo, Himmat Rai, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Drivers Front East District President, Roshan Mangar, and Local Panchayat Members made a visit to this affected place today.

SDM Rai mentions that this visit/survey report will be sent to the concerned authorities and the decisions as per the directives shall be taken immediately. On the other hand he strongly recommend that the main cause of such damages is also due to heavy loaded tucks and not just rainfalls, and such trucks should be strongly restricted. Villagers recommends for a belly bridge constructions for an immediate measures of commuting in such time of exigency.