Emails citing ultimatum to the Govt of Sikkim sent to all concerned office bearers including legislators and parliamentarians

September 26, 2020

Gangtok, 25 Sept:
A letter regarding the already-public ultimatum concerning the Health sector of the state has been sent to the concerned office bearers yesterday. SPYF mailed the letter to Governor, Chief Minister, Health Minister, Chief Secretary, Health Secretary and all the legislators (of all political parties) along with the two parliamentarians appraising them of the deplorable state of the health sector in Sikkim. The covid pandemic has further exposed the already dilapidating public health sector and we have requested them to work earnestly in materialising universal and free healthcare for all, mentions SPYF.
SPYF wants to bring in their concern that all MLAs/MPs, of all parties, had pledged for the upliftment of the health sector when facing the public at the time of the election.  Moreover, the party presently serving the state had pressed for the exact same demand, when in opposition It is the time to prove to the public, as to how much of those rhetorics were genuine. It is time for action on the ground, adds SPYF.
It is evident to everyone that, if all the legislators, parliamentarians, Bureaucrats, ministers, etc. work with the pure intention of public service, then the face of government hospitals would change in no time. We hope that this letter prompts them for the same, although we haven't seen such determination till now, mentions SPYF.
SPYF also shares, “If our two-point demand (full implementation of IPHS norms across all Hospitals of the state and free medical services and medicines for all) aren't fulfilled within 30 November this year, the people of Sikkim will burst out in mass movement to ensure that the government fulfils both the demands. The Historic “Gangtok Chalo” has already shown clearly, as to how much SPYF is serious regarding this issue and we will not back down until both the demands are fulfilled”.


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