Bright Academy’s pre-Gandhi Jayanti celebration

Rangpo, 01 Oct:

To enlighten the kids about these principles of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the pioneer of Indian Freedom Movement, taught us how to win a battle by following the path of non- violence, Bright Academy, Punjabipara & khalpara branch, organised a small celebration of pre-Gandhi Jayanti during their online activity class today. The event was celebrated through a virtual platform wherein children were dressed up as Gandhiji or Baa. Children were explained about the birth place of Gandhiji and his life. They were also taught that Gandhiji was a man of simplicity. A fun game was played on the basis of three monkeys. Children wore sunglasses when the teacher told see no evil, they put on headphones when the teacher told hear no evil and they covered their mouth with handkerchief when the teacher said speak no evil. Children enjoyed playing this game. Song “Raghupati Raghav” was also played and children sang along with it.

The Bright Academy children thoroughly enjoyed the making of a craft, related to the theme making it a successful event indeed.