PIB, Guwahati organises a Webinar on ‘Covid-19 and its Stress Management for Youth of North East’ St

Gangtok, 13 Oct (PIB):

Stress Management among Youth with Constructive Behaviour and Attitude change essential to tackle Covid-19 issues, experts opined in a Webinar organised by Press Information Bureau, Guwahati on the topic here today. Experts from Medical fraternity, Government sector along with academicians deliberated and discussed about the potential way to tackle the Covid-19 situation from medical and policy perspective.

Padma Shri Naresh Chander Lal said that leading a disciplined life is the best way to tackle the issues related to Covid. He said that a healthy diet and hygiene are important aspects when it comes to preventing and protection from Covid issues. Shri Lal emphasised on child's health care and stress management. He said that children should be encouraged to do activities and hobbies they enjoy, so that depression, stress and loneliness could be tackled.

Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr KRS Sambasiva Rao, Mizoram University (A Central University), Aizawl said that a healthy and constructive behaviour of students, particularly the child's emotional health is vital for cognitive development. He said that technology is changing the perception of learning and it has to leveraged for development of children. Dr Rao said that Education is development of latent talent of students and in that endeavour, an Attitude change is essential to tackle Covid-19 issues and stress among the youth. He said that emotions and stress are likely to affect children with cognitive disabilities also. He further said that not every child or adult would react in the same way to the stress of COVID-19, but it is likely that everyone would respond in some way and parents have to see that children do not digress from normal daily routine and lead a constructive life.

Mentioning about nutrition, Principal, Dr Lopamudra Datta, Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, said that Stress Management is also about proper diet and healthy food. She said that Yoga and citreous fruits with Vitamin C with healthy diet is essential for growing children. Dr Datta further said that children should be encouraged to talk to their friends and parents so that anxiety and stress is reduced. Dr Datta said Quality family time and proper motivation to children plays a vital role when it comes to stress management among youth.

Assistant Professor, Prof Arjun Das, Department of Mass Communication, Nagaland University, Lumami and Abdul Rahman Mallick, Advocate, Delhi High Court said that stress among youth could be tackled with patient listening and whereby, parents help their children to tell their problems.

Prof Anumita Mallick, Faculty, Department of Nutrition, Belda College, Paschim Medinipur said most of issues of youth are psychological and child apprehensions are because of lack of communication. Prof Mallick said that stress is leading youth, especially child to become anxious, emotionally demotivated and fear to talk to others, which affect their development and eventually their personality.

Archer Chekrovolu Swuro, Arjuna Awardee, Kohima, Nagaland said that courage and disciplined life could help tackle most of the issues related to Covid. She urged the youth to do and utilise their time in activities they enjoy doing. She said that social distancing, washing with soap and protective gear are essential aspects for tackling Covid.

The Webinar was managed and coordinated by Joint Director (M&C), Samrat Bandyopadhyay, PIB, Guwahati. Shri Pallav Chakravorty, Deputy Director, PIB welcomed the experts and the interactive Webinar has enthusiastic participation of students, academicians and medical fraternity of Assam and other places as they said that this information cum knowledge Webinar would helped them in informed decision making and to be aware about prior precautions to address the Covid situation.

Along with students, eminent journalists and other government senior officials from Doordarshan Guwahati, Regional Outreach Bureau, Guwahati, All India Radio Guwahati were also present on the occasion.