Webinar on ‘Covid precaution awareness for Divyangs, children and youth'

Gangtok, 04 Nov (PIB):

Proper attention to Divyangs, children and youth and awareness on precaution measures among them essential to tackle Covid-19 issues, experts opined in a Webinar organised by Press Information Bureau, Guwahati on the topic here today. Experts from Medical fraternity along with academicians deliberated and discussed about the potential way to tackle the Covid situation from medical, nutrition and policy perspective.

A Nutritionist and Post-Doctoral Fellow, ICMR, NICED, Dr. Sanjukta Kar said that eating fresh and unprocessed food is very important to build a healthy system and to provide proper attention to nutrition. She said that it is pertinent not to cook food at high temperature as it could affect the important vitamins in vegetables and health. She said that vegetables, protein intakes, legumes, starchy tubers and roots with wheat and beans should be regularly included in food. She said that drinking water regularly and with lemon helps in nutrition and to avoid food with high salt, fat or sugar. She said that eating in public places, public canteens and eateries should be avoided as there are many people who are coming and going and it is not possible all the time to see whether the tables are sanitised properly or not. She said that people should look forward to Counsel or go to doctor if there is any psychological issues related to Covid and stress management in this context becomes a quintessential component.

A Psychologist, Salini Dey said that most of the issues related to Covid are psychological. She said that social distancing and protective gears has to be the message of communication strategy. She said media, particularly the social media has to be proactive and awareness among youth and mothers in family is very important. She said that Divyangs and children have to be provided proper attention. Ms Dey said that there are many who are not able to explain the problems and this is leading to stress and other issues. She said that Children are not able to go with their peers to play and they are devoting time to internet and this is one of the reasons among many, leading to social issues. Some of these issues, she said, could be tackled by parental guidance. She said parents should listen to their children and help them to arrive in some solution.

A Psychologist, Prachi Rathi said that doctors have to be more patient and listen to the problems of the children. She said that if a child has fever and breathing problem, they should consult a doctor for medication. She said that Covid protection and precautions are particularly important because of the festive season.

Enunciating the provisos in the Constitution of India, Abdur Rehman Mallick, Advocate, Delhi High Court said that proper nutrition and hydration help in health. He said that behaviour is also another thing in regard to which youth has to be optimistic and be constructive to tackle the Covid issues.

Assistant Teacher, Md Kamil Mallick, Thikribari High School, Goalpokhar, Uttar Dinajpur said mothers in families are primary decision makers and should encourage their children to do work or studies which they are eager to do.

The informative and knowledge webinar was planned and coordinated by Joint Director (M&C), Samrat Bandyopadhyay, PIB, Guwahati. Senior officers of PIB were present in webinar. Deputy Director, Pallav Chakravorty, PIB welcomed the experts as the webinar delved into details on the various aspects of the topic such as Covid Information Management, along with healthy food and nutrition for youth with effective Information dissemination and awareness. The interactive Webinar has enthusiastic participation of students, academicians and medical fraternity of Assam and North East Region as they said that this information cum knowledge Webinar would help them in informed decision making and to be aware about prior precautions to address the Covid situation.

Along with students, eminent journalists and other government senior officials from Doordarshan Guwahati, Regional Outreach Bureau, Guwahati, All India Radio Guwahati were also present on the occasion.