Nawin Kiran welcomes SIC order directing SBS to share details of defaulters

Sagar Chhetri

Gangtok, 05 Nov:

Sikkim Subject Committee vice-convener, Nawin Kiran Pradhan, today welcomed the State Information Commission order to State Bank of Sikkim to provide him the list of loan defaulters of the bank with proper details. The SIC order issued on Wednesday directs SBS to release these details for Mr Kiran with 15 days.

Mr Pradhan had first approached the bank in February 2020 seeking these details and the COVID lockdown happened. When the bank appeared uninterested in releasing these details, on 03 June, Mr Kiran approached the first appellate authority of the SBS which rejected his appeal. He then moved the Sikkim Information Commission later the same month and the order was passed yesterday.

In the order of the Commission has directed that information with the name of defaulters, grant of loan date and amount and outstanding amount [principal and interest] and also the scheme under which loan was released be provided to Mr Pradhan.

Addressing a press conference here this afternoon, Mr Pradhan explained that he was moved to seek the details following a CAG report which had questioned the SBS work culture which had resulted in the bad loans. As per the CAG report in question, SBS has total receivables to the tune of Rs 1,026.54 crores against 16,301 loans as on 31 March 2017.

He added that out of the 16,301 loans given out by SBS, 216 persons alone have taken loans amounting Rs 534.90 crore.

Mr Pradhan stated that after four months of the case in the SIC, the Commission has passed the order yesterday. He added that as per the order of the commission the bank has to provide the list before 20 November.

“I hope the bank will release the list at the earliest as it is the people’s money. Our main intention behind this appeal is to ensure that defaulters should return the people’s money as soon as possible and the authority should take strict action against all defaulters,” he said.