21- member team recces new trekking route in Dzongu

MANGAN, 06 NOV: A team of sixteen men and five women completed the recce of identifying the new trekking route in Dzongu with geo tracking the “Heart of Sikkim” Trek on 5th of November. The trek was funded by the North District Zilla Parishad (Lum Gor Sangtok ZPU). The trek started at Lum/Lingtyang North Sikkim on 26th of October. The recce group explored and mapped out a route to the top of the North South running ridge dividing the watersheds of the Teesta and Rangeet. The trek group then followed the route used by shepherds of South and West Sikkim who use the high lands for summer pasture. The high point of this stretch is the Kurnit Kursong peak. The trek bends Westward into the Kangchenjunga National Park and climbs upwards to the Chomilung Lake (Mirror Lake), one of a group of five lakes often called Paanch Pokhri by the Shepherds. Further, West, the recce group explored a few more lakes including the sacred Paki Dhe (lake) that lies at the base of Paki Chu. The Recce Group then chalked out a new more difficult route down to Sakyong Sungnok , West of the traditional route used by people of Sakyong. From Sakyong the recce group returned to Lum and Mangan through Pentong, Bey and Mantam. The eleven day trek was undertaken to recce and geotag a route for development for tourism purposes. This is the first time that a group has undertaken this trek connecting the Southernmost village of Lum and the remotest (Westernmost) village of Sakyong in the Dzongu area. The group was led by the Zilla member and Panchayat President of Lum-Gor-Sangtok and was accompanied by three resource persons.