SKM concludes series of youth coordination meetings


Namchi, 07 Nov: A youth coordination meeting of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) was held in Singithang Veterinary Public Ground today. It is marked as the last and closing youth coordination program tour of the three days youth coordination meeting which started from 05 Nov, 2020 by SKM party workers in South District. Today’s youth coordination meeting was with the youths from three South District constituencies of 10-Poklok/Kamrang, 11-Namchi/Singithang, and 14-Temi/Namphing.

The chief guest in the program was Minister Building and Housing, Transport Department, Sanjit Kharel, Government of Sikkim along with the special guests: Satish Chandra Rai and Man Bahadur Chettri.

Other guests were the designated dignitaries of SKM party Senior District Vice-president, Bhojraj Rai, State Youth President, Lakpa Moktan, District General Secretary, SJ Lepcha, Incharge Namchi Singithang, Ganesh Rai, Treasurer, Shankar Agarwal, CLC president of Poklok-Kamrang, KB Rai, CLC president of Namchi-Singithang, Tashi Dorjee Tamang, CLC president Temi-Namphing, Gopal Chettri, District Women President, Tenny Doma Bhutia, Additional Political Secretary, Anjita Rajalim, State Orgazinational Secretary, Gagan Gurung, Youth President, Basan Yonzone, Youth Coodinator, Nagen Tamang and National Awardee Of Motivational Speaker, Naresh Chettri.

During the program, offering of khadas was done to the newly appointed Constituency Level Youth Executives from the three South District constituencies of 10-Poklok/Kamrang, 11-Namchi/Singithang, and 14-Temi/Namphing

Offering of khadas was also done to the newly appointed block level convenor, vice convenor and coordinator, and ward level convenor and vice convenor from the three constituencies present in the program.

The representative speakers from the three constituencies present in the program who gave their respective speeches were youth convenor, Rekhiman Tamang, youth coordinator of10-Poklok/Kamrang, Roger Rai, youth convenor of 14-Temi/Namphing, Tshering Denzongpa and representative of 11-Namchi/Singithang, Mandip Rai.

The conclusive speeches were done by State Chief Youth Convenor, Shadev Sharma, SKM Youth Wing, incharge 11-Namchi/Singithang, Ganesh Rai and Vice president and incharge South District cum Advisor to Skill Development Board, Satish Chandra Rai, Government of Sikkim.

The chief guest of the program Sanjit Kharel in his speech addressed the SKM, state and district working committee members, newly appointed executive members of BLC and WLC from the three constituencies present in the program. "SKM will sustain its victory because it has the principle of requesting time to serve and not lie to the poor," Kharel declared in his speech. He also said that the reports of four districts youth coordination meeting will be submitted to the president of SKM party, PS Golay, after which, the new line of development for the youths of Sikkim will be created by the SKM party. He announced the high level service hospital in Namchi and cancer hospital in Jorethang have been planned by the Government. With the request to the youths for utmost patience for the time he concluded his speech.