With 2 more COVID deaths, Sikkim has lost 7 lives in 5 days

Gangtok, 11 Nov:

Sikkim’s COVID-19 related death toll has reached 82 with the demise of two more persons in the State on Tuesday. The State has witnessed seven COVID-19 related deaths in the last five days including three this week.

In the daily health bulletin on Wednesday, Health Department State IEC Officer, SonamGyaltsen Bhutia mentioned that one 48-year-old man from Bardang in East District was admitted in the emergency ward of STNM hospital on Tuesday. He added that the patient passed away at around 3:45 PM the same day. The patient was asthmatic, he said.

Likewise, a 71-year-old woman from Tadong in East District also passed away in the ICU ward of STNM Hospital at around 5:30 PM on Tuesday evening. The patient had tested positive for COVID-19 on 05 November and was admitted in STNM hospital the next day.Mr Bhutia did not mention any comorbid condition the patient might have had.

In the meanwhile, Sikkim’s tally of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has reached 4344 with the report of 36 new cases of novel coronavirus in the State in the last 24 hours ending 8 AM Wednesday. In the meantime, 48 more patients were released form facility and home isolation on Tuesday taking the figure of discharged patients to 3887. There are currently 291 active cases of novel coronavirus in the State, of whom five are admitted in the ICU facility of STNM hospital.

The 36 new cases of novel coronavirus in the State were reported from the testing of 252 samples on Tuesday, in which 26 new cases were detected in RT-PCR testing of 210 samples, one in TruNat testing of seven samples and nine other cases in rapid antigen testing of 35 samples.

Of the new cases, 31 have been reported in East District, 02 in West District and 03 in South District.

While giving details of new cases reported in RT-PCR testing, Mr Bhutia mentioned that samples of one person from near Shanti School in Lower Aho, one from Indira Bye Pass area, two from Greendale School Road, one from Singtam, one from Machong, one from Sichey, one from the containment zone in Tibet Road, one from Deorali, one from Bojoghari, one from Upper Sichey, one from Tadong, one from Pachey, one from Bardang, one from Shreebadam, West District one from LinkeyLaptang, one from Rhenock and two from Tarpin were found positive for COVID-19 at Flu Clinic of STNM hospital.

Likewise, one person from opposite KrishiBhawan, Tadong, one from Greendale School Road, one from Tarku, one from Joredhara in 5th Mile Tadong, one from Yangyang Bazaar, one from Pakyong and one from SajongRumtek were also reported COVID-19 positive in RT-PCR testing. In TruNat testing, one person from MM Rasaily Road in Upper Sicheytested positive for COVID-19, he added.

One person from Jorethang, one from LungchokKamarey and one from Upper Boomtar in South District, two from Legship in West District and one from Lower Sichey, one from Dalapchand, one from Yangyang and one from ChalamthangPakyong were also found COVID-19 positive in rapid antigen testing.