Coordination meet for Education officials of Regu and Rhenock

Gangtok, 26Nov:

Considering the need to support schools during the pandemic and to continue the teaching-learning activities, District Education Office East organised a coordination meeting for Block Heads, School Heads & BRC and CRC coordinators of Regu and Rhenock BAC at School Auditorium of Rhenock Senior Secondary School on 25 Nov, 2020.

A press release informs that the main objective of conducting the meeting was to discuss strategies and plans to reach out to students.

The meeting was presided byJoint Director (East), AD Chettri, Education Department and was attended by Nodal Officer for Regu BAC, Sonam Bhutia, Coordinator District office, ChhabiPradhan, Assistant Directors of Regu and Rhenock BAC, CRC Coordinators of different clusters, Heads of different schools under Regu and Rhenock BAC.

At the outset, Assistant Director Regu BAC, NaradChettri placed the welcome note. Principal Rhenock SSS, SK Pradhan,HMs of KPT SS Rongli, South Regu SS, Tarpin SS, R Khamdong JHS, Reshi PS and Posakey PS shared their experiences on teaching-learning activities during the lockdown period wherein they mentioned the problems faced due to the digital divide as well as various strategies they have undertaken to reach out to students through online and offline mode.

Teachers of Rhenock SSS also presented a demo on online classes conducted during the lockdown period by the school.

CRC Coordinator, Regu BAC,Krishna Prasad Dawari, gave a power point presentation on data analysis of bi-monthly report on learning assessment for the period of 01–15 Nov, 2020.

Joint Director (East) explained the formation of block level team to work on the areas of online teaching; ascertain the coverage of online/digital education and identity the digital divide; preparation of database of students and teachers involved in virtual mode of teaching and learning; to find out the reasons behind non participation of students & teachers and refer to the revised Alternate Academic Calendar by all the teachers.

Addressing the gathering, the Joint Director (East) also encouraged HOIs to motivate the teachers, parents and students for home schooling for the elementary level students. He also urged to ensure the attainment of the learning outcome by all the children in each subject & in each grade.

He directed the HOIs to submit the analysis report category wise (class 1 to 5, 6 to 8, 9 to 10, & 11 to 12) within a week and make future plans and strategies to ensure learning of each and every child.He stated that different strategies have to be formulated for different schools as per the existing situation and need of learners.

The Joint Director also apprised the HOIs that a monitoring team will be formed and officials from the district and block will visit the schools to discuss issues related to reaching out to students and review the plans prepared by the schools.

He also made the gathering aware about the initiative undertaken by the department to facilitate the schools. Joint Director appreciated the initiatives undertaken by the Schools, BRCs and CRCs to cover the students in teaching learning activities through various mode.

The daylong meeting was conducted by CRC Coordinator, KP Dawari and concluded with vote of thanks by Assistant Director, KK Sharma,Rhenock BAC.