Sikkim takes part in the International Deusi-Vailo online competition

Rangpo, 27 Nov:

Sikkim marks its name at the international level by participating in the International Deusi-Vailoonline competition organized by HamroSwabhiman (Trust). The competition was held in two categories, Deusiand Vailo. A total of 85 teams from all over the world participated in the competition.The results of the online competition were announced by the most revered Acharya Balakrishna ji Maharaj in the holy presence of his holiness Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj.

Patanjali Yoga Committee, Mahila Patanjali Yoga Committee, Youth Nepal Committee had special support in this competition. In the Bhailo category HamroSwabhiman Sikkim secured the third place in the world while Sangeeta Khawas and Groupof South Sikkim Mamring secured the second consolation prize. In this category the first prizewas given to Patanjali Yoga Samiti Tokha Nagar Kathmandu and the second prize to Mahila Yoga Samiti Kavre,Bagmati Nepal as well as the first consolation prize to Deurali Cultural GostiBhailo Team Assam. The first prize in Deusi category was given to BhanujyotideusiToli Assam, second prize to Deurali Cultural GostiDeusiToli Assam, third prize to Patanjali Samiti Nawalpur Nepal, first consolation prize to Banepa, Boku Bagmati Pradesh Nepal, and second consolation prize to Kamal NayanSanskritiGosthi, Vishwanath Assam. Apart from this, seven of the eight best and seven acclaimed teams from the eight valleys got a chance to be screened online, while Deusi'steamwas also screened online by seven excellent and seven acclaimed teams.