SKM Nari wing coordination meetings series concludes for West district Constituencies


Geyzing, 28 Nov:

A series of SKM Nari wing coordination meetings for west district constituencies which had started from Yuksam-Tashiding on 21 Nov concluded with a final meeting held at Jorethang for Zoom-Salghari constituency today.

The meeting series led by Nari Wing State level president, Kala Rai along with other SKM Nari wing functionaries had started from Yuksam-Tashiding Constituency on 21 Nov with an aim to bring the women together in the developmental process of state and also to understand their needs and grievances.

Speaking to media MLA, Sunita Gajmir who is also the Nari Wing Vice president In-charge of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha [SKM] said, this time nari of state has given equal opportunities and not just reservation. Previously Nari of State has been demoralised for the past 25 years by SDF. Similarly, SKM Nari wing state level president, Kala Rai informed, SKM Nari wing has started its Coordination meetings with an aims to know the grievances faced by the women of state. Similar meetings will be held at every Constituencies of Sikkim, she added.

West District Nari wing executive body thanked all those who took part and rendered supports during the series of SKM Nari wing coordination meetings in all eight constituencies of West district.

Zoom-Salghari MLA, Sunita Gajmir who is also the Nari Wing vice-president In-charge, SKM Party is political party dedicated to uplift the women of state previously SDF has did selfish politics for past 25 years. Our SKM party ideology is to bring women of Sikkim equally added Sunita Gajmir.

SKM Government wants every woman of Sikkim to be an ideal woman and prioritised and has given equal importance and bringing them in the developmental process of state.

Nari/women of Sikkim has been given respect and honour in the state in true sense this time under the SKM Government.

SKM Government is not just for seating at State Assembly and for using Government vehicle and benifits but SKM Government is truly for Development of Sikkim and its People.

SKM Government is working for women of Sikkim towards self-reliant. highlighting pro-women initiatives of SKM Government MLA, Sunita Gajmir said, no TDR is required for Sikkim women for Government's Contractual works below 5 crore. This is the initiative of SKM Government for uplifting women of Sikkim towards self-reliant. She appealed women of Sikkim to make themselves ready for opportunities created by SKM Government. She also appealed SKM Nari wing executive body to work actively from grassroots level to District level for effective implementation of Government's initiatives. She called for Naya Sikkim under the Naya Sarkar. She called for women to engage themselves in constructive works rather in Nagativity and Baseless.

She highlighted various developments taken place in her Zoom-Salgari Constituency immediately after the SKM Government formed. She informed about recent section of 14 crore Nepali Bhawan at Jorethang for Zoom-Salgari people saying this was the long pending demand of Zoom-Salgari people which was kept unseen by the previous SDF Government. She informed about a recently sectioned BAC complex in Zoom-Salgari Constituency and informs that the construction of BAC is likely to initiate soon. She said SKM is a party to form to develop Sikkim and serve its People regardless of political party affiliation unlike SDF who played with sentiment and aspirations of poor people of State. She highlighted about various development taken place in short span of SKM Government. She Said Health sector is prariotised and improved a lot and has made every district hospital as multiple-speciality for convenient for public. State Government is changed and now SKM Government is mission to change the System gradually for welfare and convenient for public, she added.

Everyone will benefit equally under the SKM Government in phase wise manner and appealed not to compare the 18 months old SKM Government with 25 years SDF she said assuring SKM Government is honest with the people of state.

SKM Nari wing State President, Kala Rai in her address said, CM PS Goley has send us to understand the grivancenes faced by the Naris at grassroots level. She also underlined various disciplines and ideologies of SKM Government which every SKM party workers has to follow.

She appealed womens of Sikkim to come together under the able leadership of Chief Minister, PS Tamang (Goley). She said, SKM has formed the Government not just for five years but for another decade in Sikkim. No any State Government's portfolio holders such as Public representatives MLA Ministers Chairpersons and Advisors under the SKM Government are given Government contractual works and Other Governmental benefits.

RDD Chairperson, Sunita Sharma and various other SKM Nari wing functionaries also addressed the event.

Also attended by SBS Chairman, DB Gurung, RDD Chairperson, Sunita Sharma, Film board Chairperson, Pooja Sharma, PHE Chairman, Hari Narayan Subedi were also present along with SKM Nari wing west district functionaries.