23-yr-old arrested forburglary in Namchi

Namchi, 22nd January, 2021: A 23 years old youth for a theft case was caught by Namchi Police today at around 3pm between near Namchi Post Office in South District headquarter, Namchi. When the Namchi Police Station received a first information report (FIR) from a 31 years old Shiva Kumar Shrestha, resident of Kazitar, Namchi South, which stated that some unknown person broke the lock of his room and stole cash amounting to rupees one lakh thirty thousand from the cupboard of his residence in the afternoon, yesterday, the case was registered immediately under Section 454 of 380 Indian Penal Code against unknown person and endorsed sub-inspector Laku Lepcha for the investigation. The endorsed sub-inspector with subinspector Sunil Rai visited the resident of Shiva Kumar Shrestha and applied the traditional policing methods of investigation and taking photographs. Upon further investigation in surrounding areas by the police officers through cctv footages, a 23 years old known bad character named Amit Chettri was found suspicious.

The suspected youth was caught near Namchi Post Office and was brought to Namchi Police Station, where he confessed he had forcefully broken into a house located at Kazitar below Namchi Car Parking Plaza by breaking the lock with an iron rod and stole cash rupees one lakh thirty thousand from the cupboard in the afternoon. The accused there confessed of having used some of the amount from the stolen cash. He also confessed of hiding the remaining sum amount in a rolled carpet at his friend's rented room located at Kazitar from where the amount rupees of one lakh twenty-one thousand out of total stolen cash has been recovered. The accused is an associated worker to HOPE Foundation, a non-governmental organization of Namchi that works for drugs de-addiction among the youths. Amit Chettri is currently kept under police custody, and further investigation on his other misdeeds is still going on.