2342 LOAN DEFAULTERS OWE SBS RS 622 CR Clear dues or will make names public, Nawin Kiran threatens


GANGTOK, 05 Dec:

There are a total of 2342 loan defaulters of the State Bank of Sikkim [SBS] who collectively owe Rs 622,88,59,539 to the bank. The default amount is from cases since 1968.

This was revealed by Sikkim Subject Committee vice-convener, Nawin KiranPradhanwho had filed an RTI query and received a 157-page list of defaulters from the State Bank of Sikkim on 03 December.

Addressing a press conference here this afternoon, MrPradhan mentioned said that it was really surprising to see such a huge default amount of around Rs 623 crores. He questioned the bank’s inability to take action against the defaulters.

The bank should also make strong loan mechanisms to ensure every single paise of the bank is returned, he said further adding that the State government should also take strict action against defaulters to retrieve the loan amount.

MrPradhan mentioned that these default amounts have become non-performing assets of the bank and NPAs are the reason many banks of the country closed last year with many people losing their hard-earning money.

“We have decided to give one week to the loan defaulters to pay back the bank failing which we will make this list of defaulters public,” he said. He urged defaulters to give undertaking to the bank within one week.

MrPradhan had filed an RTI in the SBS seeking information regarding loan defaulters on 10 February 2020 but did not get any response due to lockdown. He had then appealed to the First Appellate Authority of SBS on 03 June 2020 but the appeal was rejected by the First Appellate Authority. He further appealed to the State Information Commission the same month.

After four months, SIC passed an order to the SBS to provide the list of defaulters and their amounts, informed MrPradhan.