30% of homes in Namchi rely on leakage prone polypipes, inspection discovers


Gangtok, 25 Aug: Nearly 30% of the homes in a large part of Namchi connect into the PHE supply lines

using polypipes. This, an inspection team of the Department led by AE-Namchi, PHE Department, Sonam Karthak, discovered over the past two days when they checked domestic connections at Tinzir,

Dambudara, Majid Line, Jorethang Road and Mandir Dara. The inspection was in follow-up to the

notice issued by the Department a few days back to replace the polypipe lines with GI pipes. The Department is convinced that polypipes, since they are less durable than GI pipes, spring frequent

leaks and compound the water shortage problem in Namchi. Homes have been given 15 days to get rid of the polypipes and fix GI pipes. Consumers have also been directed to ensure that their water tanks have stop-cocks to ensure that water is not wasted to overflow.