4 more cases and five newrecoveries in Sikkim


Gangtok, 21 Feb: Sikkim’s tally of confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached 6,132 on Sunday with four new cases of novel coronavirus reported in the last 24 hours in the State. In the meantime, five more Covid patients ended their quarantine to improve the number of recovered cases so far in Sikkim to 5,848. There are currently 52 active cases of novel coronavirus in the State. That said, Sikkim appears

to have turned the curve on Covid infections and even more reassuringly, the number of people requiring hospitalization because of health complications caused by Novel Coronavirus has dropped substantially.

Of the 52 active cases in the State, only two are currently admitted at STNM Hospital and there is no one in the ICU. All the rest are in home isolation. In the daily health bulletin on Sunday, Health Department State IEC Officer, Sonam Gyaltsen Bhutia, informed that the four new cases were picked up

in the testing of 187 samples on Saturday. All four cases were detected in the RT-PCR testing of 162

samples, while 12 samples tested by TrueNat and 13 through rapid antigen testing returned negative

for COVID-19. Three of the new cases are from Namchi and one from Sumbuk also in South District.

Today being a Sunday, no vaccination was carried out today. The number of active cases which currently

stands at 52 had come down to two-digits only on 29 Jan 2021 after having hovered in the upper

reaches of 500 in early December 2020. To put the falling number of active cases in context, around a month back, on 15 January, Sikkim had 162 active cases. By 15 Jan, 2021, Sikkim had already lost 130 lives to Covid after having recorded the first Covid-fatality on 26 July 2020. In the month since, only five more lives have been lost to the virus. Sikkim has thus far lost 135 lives to the virus, a very small fraction of which have been officially attributed to Covid with most of the fatalities having been in people with co-morbid conditions. That last case of a Covid death in Sikkim was reported on 01 February. While every life lost is distressing, what cannot be lost sight of is that where Sikkim was losing, on an average, more

than 20 lives per month to Covid between end-July 2020 and mid-January 2021, this has now come down to less than 5. Sikkim has carried out a total of 77,760 tests thus far – 55,599 via the touchstone of Covid tests, RT-PCR [of which 4,451 returned positive], 16,641 through Rapid Antigen Testing which picked up 1,432 positive cases and 5,520 TrueNat tests which detected 249 positive cases of Covid-19.