Active cases fall more than 1500 in 15 days in Sikkim

Summit Report

Gangtok, 18 Aug: With 274 more formerly Covid-positive patients making full recoveries in the past 24 hours and getting discharged from home and facility isolation in the past 24 hours, Sikkim’s count of active Covid cases dropped to 1,859 today. The statistics on people recovering from Novel Coronavirus of late carries hope.

In the past 15 days, the number of active cases have seen a substantial drop. Where there were 3,404 active cases in Sikkim a fortnight back on 04 August,the numbers for today are 1,545 lower. This drop in the number of active cases, when reflected against the 1,846 new cases detected over the same 15-day period, become even more significant.

The 1.5K-plus drop in the number of active cases at present means that recoveries have been nearly double the number of new cases over this period. What is also clear from data released Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme is that Covid-deaths are also coming down. Where Sikkim had lost eight lives in a single day at the peak of the second wave, over the past 15 days, Covid has claimed 15 lives here. While every death is unfortunate, the drop in the number of fatalities is still reassuring. In the past 24 hours for instance, apart from the fact that there were again more recoveries than new cases, there were also no new Covid deaths in the State. The Covid death toll in Sikkim currently stands at 363.

Meanwhile, 26,480 of the 28,981 confirmed cases of Covid reported in Sikkim have already made full recoveries, and of the 1,859 currently active cases, only 103 patients have come down with symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization and the rest are recovering under home or facility isolation. Meanwhile, as per today’s numbers – as per the Daily Report of COVID-19 in Sikkim released by IDSP cell of the Health Department this morning, 151 new cases were detected in the testing of 1,239 samples yesterday giving Sikkim a test positivity rate of 12% for the last 24 hours.

While 100 people tested positive in RT-PCR testing of 757 samples, 51 more cases were found in rapid antigen testing of 478 samples. Of the 151 new cases, 65 were registered in East District, 64 in West District, 20 in South District and 02 in North District.

Hospitals saw only 14 more hospitalizations even as 17 hospitalised Covid patients recovered enough to be discharge to home isolation over the same 24-hour period. There are also 13 COVID patients admitted in ICU facilities at STNM Hospital and Central Referral Hospital.