After ten days without any Covid fatalities and 80% adults fully vaccinated, Sikkim can bid second w

Summit Report

Gangtok, 11 Oct:

With Sikkim having gone ten days without any Covid deaths, and a little over 80% of its adult population fully vaccinated against the virus, it would be safe to now suggest that the second wave is over in the State even if infections have not completely ended. What is also reassuring is that against the worry of Covid affecting the under-18 years olds since they have still not been cleared for vaccination, very few of them are taking ill with the virus even if they are testing positive.

As per the Daily Report of COVID-19 in Sikkim released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of the Health Department on Monday morning, active Covid cases here are now down to 235 with 42 more people making full recoveries in the past 24 hours against 10 new cases reported over the same period.

The ten new cases were picked up from 214 samples screened for Covid on Sunday, giving Sikkim a daily test positivity rate of 4.6%.

Only two of the 76 samples put through RT-PCR testing returned positive while rapid antigen testing of 134 samples gave eight positive cases. The state’s tally of confirmed cases of COVID-19 since testing began on 28 Feb, 2020, now stands at 31,677.

Of these, 30,736 people have already beaten the virus and Sikkim enjoys a recovery rate of 98%.

Even of the 235 active cases, only 29 have symptoms severe enough to require hospitalisation. Of the 29 in hospital, only 3 are under-18 years of age, one of whom is in ICU.

The Covid death toll continues to hold at 388 with no new COVID deaths reported in the State since 01 October.

Meanwhile, on the vaccination front, 80.28% of the adult population [above 18] in the State is now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. When it comes to single doses, Sikkim has gone past the 100% mark since it has inoculated even those residing in the State without any IDs.

Sikkim has administered a total of 936,100 doses of Covishield. While a little over 4.15 lakh people have completed their vaccination schedule having received the second dose s well, 5,21,465 people [4,465 more than the registered above-18 populations with ID’s] have received at least the first dose.