ASKCBKS welcomes resolution on left-out communities as “historic”

Summit Report

Gangtok, 12 Jan:

Akhil Sikkim KhasChhetriBahunKalyanSangh [ASKCBKS] has termed the resolution passed by Sikkim Legislative Assembly on 11 Jan historic.

“This is a historic resolution as it is for the first time a resolution to this effect was sponsored by the Treasury Bench and supported by the members of a National Party BJP that is in power at the Centre,” a press release from the Sangh states.

The Sangh has said that during a meeting held on 05 Jan representatives of all the left-out communities viz. Bhujel, Gurung, Jogi, KiratKhambuRai, KiratYakhaDewan, Khas (BahunChettri), Majhi, Mangar, Newar, SanyasiGiri, Sunwar and Thami were invited by the Chief Minister for discussion on the demands of different communities.

In the meeting, the representatives of the 12 left-out communities had presented a joint memorandum unanimously requesting the passage of resolution in the State Assembly for inclusion of all the left-out communities in the list of Scheduled Tribe.

“We the members of Khas (ChettriBahun) community of Sikkim heartily welcome the steps taken by the Government. We are confident that the Resolution will be assented and supported the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim and sent to the Central Government for early introduction of a bill in the Parliament for inclusion of all the left-out communities of Sikkim in the list of Scheduled Tribes of Sikkim based on the terms of 8th May Agreement and Article 371 F of the Constitution,” the release mentions.

The Sangh has thanked Minister Dr M K Sharma for introducing the resolution in the House as Minister in-charge of Social Welfare Department, Member,Sonam T Venchungpa for seconding the Resolution, Members, D R Thapa, T T Bhutia and AdityaGolay for supporting the Resolution.

The Sangh has also thanked Chief Minister, PS Tamang for facilitating the resolution.