Bright Academy’s nursery kids participates in making Jhalmuri, a non-fire cooking activity


Rangpo, 14 Jan:

The nursery section of Bright Academy, Khalpara, organised a non-fire cooking activity in its online class today. The children made their favorite snack item “Jhalmuri” along with the help and guidance of their teachers.

For the today’s activity, both the teachers as well as the children were dressed as chefs. The class started with an introduction given by the teacher on Jhalmuri as an all-time favorite and easy non-fire recipe. The teacher showed the ingredients with the help of a video. It was such a pleasure to see all the little Chefs preparing Jhalmuri with their little hands along with thier teacher. IN the end, they all served Jhalmuri in a paper cone and enjoyed eating and sharing with family members.

Cooking with kids is not only fun, it's also a great joy to give them some life-skills, boosting their confidence and even practicing some fine-motor skills, mentioned the teacher of today’s session.